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1Trinket pots, other china and sundries 10/20
2A Nao style figural table lamp 10/15
3Two Poole Pottery table lamps and other Poole 15/20
4A Canadian Kodak Company folding camera in canvas carry case; two other cameras; "Grand Lumière Paris" opera glasses; a lockable box 15/20
5A Mdina glass bud vase; two perfume bottles; other glass and sundries 10/20
6Twenty-seven pieces of Shelley "Dainty" white, includes seven trios 20/30
7Two boxes of assorted china and glass 10/25
8Three Foley trios with matching cake plate; a blue glass jug with shell cocktail sticks; a blue vase and a perfume bottle 15/20
9An Art Glass vase in blended shades of pink and green, height c.12", together with matching bowl, style of Josef Hospodka 20/30
10A pink Art Glass vase with matching bowl; a copper shaded Art Glass basket, all style Josef Hospodka 20/30
11Two miniature oils on canvas, one signed Dupré, the other indistinct, 3¼" x 4¼" (5¾" x 6¾" including frame) and 4¾" x 6¾" (8" x 10¼") 20/30
12Two miniature oils, appear to be painted on copper, each bearing different but indistinct signatures, 7¾" x 3¾" (10¾" x 6¾" and 3¼" x 6¾" (5" x 8½") 20/30
13Coastal scene, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed, 24" x 30" (27½" x 33½") 20/30
14J Hill: ships on choppy seas, 10¾" x 28½" (19" x 36") 35/50
15Attributed R Wellesley Webster (19th/20thC): "On the Grand Canal, Venice" and "Evening View", watercolours, each 13¼" x 9¾" (20" x 15¾") 80/120
16A 9ct gold chain, 1.1gm; a pair of boxed Swarovski earrings and one other pair; a white metal stone set bracelet 10/20
17A four piece Royal Worcester gilded tea service 10/20
18Four x four-piece 24ct gold plated cutlery sets, each in its own fitted case 20/40
19A crystal fruit basket, hors d'œvres dish and other crystal 10/20
20Six pieces of Murano gilded and enamelled coloured glass; a Caithness glass posy vase 10/20
21A Crown Devon Art Deco vase, height 10½", and a lustre ware vase 10/15
22Four Royal Albert trios with matching milk jug, sugar bowl and cake plate 20/25
23Janet Whittle: a pair of prints depicting shoes, 7" x 14¾" (12¾" x 20¾") 10/20
24Reid: a pair of signed, limited edition prints "Simpatico" and "Perfecto", each no. 8/125, 14¼" x 8½" (23¼" x 16¾" 15/25
25Mackenzie Thorpe: print depicting a rooster, 16¾ x 7¾" (24¼" x 14½ inc. frame); limited edition print 99/250, indistinctly signed, artist unknown, 13½" x 13" (22¾" x 22" inc. frame) 10/20
26Christian Graniou: still life limited edition signed print, 546/800, 14" x 19" (21¼" x 26¼"); Anne Cotterill: still life limited edition signed print, 317/500, 10/20
27Approximately thirty-one stamp presentation packs 20/40
28Two folders containing British and foreign miniature sheets and souvenir sheets (approximately fifty-nine) and two folders containing mainly cylinder blocks 20/40
29A large quantity of British and foreign stamps, mainly in albums; stamp collector's magazines and booklets; a quantity of loose mixed stamps 40/60
30A mahogany cased canteen of Sheffield steel cutlery (case lacking inner fittings); sundry loose cutlery and two ebony dressing table containers 20/40
31Three Dinky model vehicles: Lotus Racing Car no. 241, Ferrari Racing Car no. 242, B.R.M. Racing Car no. 243; four Corgi model vehicles: Citroen DS 19 no. 210S, Chevrolet Corvair no. 229, Ford Thames "Airborne" Caravan no. 420, E.R.F model 64G Earth Dumper no. 458; a Tri-Ang Sunbeam Alpine convertible no. 191; all with original boxes 70/90
32Two Tri-Ang vehicles: Volvo 122s and Sunbeam Alpine; two Corgi vehicles: Bentley Continental no. 224 and Lotus Climax Formula 1; three Lesney vehicles: Ford Zephy 6 no. 33, Mercedes 1908 G.P. No.10; 4½l Bentley no. 5 40/60
33A wicker picnic basket with plastic plates, mugs, cutlery and drinking vessels 15/25
34A vintage Pifco "Mignonette" ultra violet/infra red lamp in travel case 10/20
35Two Aynsley trios and other cabinet cups and saucers 20/25
36Twenty-one pieces of Aynsley "Las Palmas" tea ware; fourteen pieces of Gainsborough tea ware 10/20
37A Colclough part dinner and tea service decorated with floral sprays and gilding, approximately forty-four pieces 15/20
38Four Hammersley "Lady Jane" trios; two Aynsley "Henley" trios 15/20
39A Royal Crown Derby "Derby Posies" tea strainer; a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plate and two saucers; a Hammersley fruit bowl and trinket pot; a Royal Albert cabinet plate; a part tea service decorated with floral sprays 20/30
40A Border Fine Arts model of a kingfisher, A2325; a pottery Dachshund, signed Celle, two bird groups 10/20
41A Beswick Collie, "Lochinvar of Ladypark" no. 1791, gloss; a Beswick Corgi, no. 11229B, gloss; a Royal Doulton Spaniel with pheasant, HN 1028 15/20
42A box of cameras and photographic equipment,
43A pair of 9ct gold earrings with white stones; five pairs of silver earrings; a silver pendant; two pairs of yellow metal earrings 15/20
44A 19thC dressing table swing mirror; a panelled key cabinet 10/15
45A small pine display cabinet, wall mounted or table top, with removable shelves, 20" x 20" x 4½" 10/15
46An album of collectable coins: 50p 1969-1997 (except 2 x 2009, 2010, 2011) plus 12 additional pieces; £1 1984-2016 (except 1998, 1999, 2 x 2016) plus 3 additional pieces; £2 2007-2016 (except 2015 WW1 and 1989 Scotland) plus 12 additional pieces; a £1 bag of almost uncirculated 2p pieces; 17 x 6d --- total face value approximately £230 230/270
47A selection of vintage and later cosmetics, mostly unopened, including several tester samples 10/20
48Dartington frosted glasses: six Champagnes, four wines, two whiskies; a pair of ruby wine glasses 10/15
49Two boxes of bric-a-brac 10/15
50Two oak models of cats, adzed in the style of the North Yorkshire woodcarvers 20/30
51A single rope of graduated river pearls 10/20
52A Sylvac model of a black Labrador; a Lladro angel, height 8½" 15/20
53A Royal Dux milkmaid with cow 25/40
54An antique Dutch Psalter, height 4¾"; a Pilkington glass cake dish; a box camera and sundries 10/20
55A Chinese bowl embossed with mythical birds, on associated Liuligongfang base; a pair of glazed Chinese posy vases 10/20
56A Chinese picture of Shenyang Imperial Palace; a hardstone Buddha and a Singaporean seal 10/15
57A cased pair of jade footed cups, each 2¼" high, the box marked Jing Pin Ye Gwang Bei 20/30
58A glass and mahogany display cabinet with two glass shelves, 24" x 13" x 15" 30/40
59A pair of Raoul Dufy still life prints; one other Raoul Dufy print 18½" x 24½" (28" x 33¾") 40/60
60Peter Bainbridge (b.1964): a ringed plover on a pebbled shoreline, acrylic on board, signed, 18½" x 29½" (21½" x 32¼") 70/90
61E R Sturgeon: two signed prints of rural scenes, both with gallery blind stamp, 16" x 22¾" (22½" x 28¾") and 15½" x 20¾" (22" x 26¾") 10/20
62E R Sturgeon: a signed print of the Market Cross in Somerton, bearing gallery blind stamp, 19" x 30½" (26¾" x 38¾") 10/20
63A lithograph depicting "The celebrated mare 'Bee's Wing' winner of 51 prizes", in burr walnut finish frame, 15¼" x 17¾" (21¼" x 24") 10/20
64Oil on board depicting a Northern European waterway with buildings, bears signature Berend Dam, 8¼" x 10" (14½" x 16½) 40/60
65A set of six black leather dining chairs 20/40
66A box of assorted china, including Royal Worcester, Hammersley, New Hall and collector's plates featuring owls - with certificates 10/20
67A Royal Crown Derby "Derby Posies" posy vase; a Crown Devon lustre ware jug; a Poole Pottery vase and other china 15/20
68Fish servers and sundry electroplate 10/15
69Six sets of cased cutlery 20/30
70Electroplate: two four-piece tea services; a chocolate pot with matching milk and sugar, plus associated hot water jug 30/45
71An album of mid 20thC and later post cards, mainly France and England 20/30
72A vintage Steiff "Mecki" doll, height 6½" 10/15
73A hallmarked silver and enamelled ashtray, Birmingham 1955; a hallmarked silver salt with blue glass liner and matching pepperette, Birmingham 1946 and 47, total silver weight c.5¼oz 50/70
74A hallmarked silver nut dish with hinged handle, Birmingham 1934, c.7⅛oz 75/100
75A four piece hallmarked silver tea service with Bakelite handles, London 1920, 21, 23 and 24, total gross weight c.58½oz 600/800
76An eight piece gilt dressing table set with needlework inserts, together with a further similar tray and photograph frame 15/20
77Three vintage leather handbags 15/20
78A musical jewellery box, costume jewellery and sundries 15/25
79An oriental carved jewellery box, a "treasure chest" jewellery box and one other; costume jewellery 20/40
80A pinchbeck brooch set with a purple stone; a 10ct gold ring set with a red stone, gross 40/60
81Two 9ct gold rings, each set with a white stone, 4.7gm gross 40/60
82A 9ct gold ring set with three blue and two white stones; a 9ct gold ring set with various coloured stones, total 3.5gm gross 35/50
83An 18ct gold ring set with three white stones, 2.7gm gross 40/60
84An 18ct gold ring set with a blue stone and ten white stones, 4.1gm gross 80/120
85An 18ct gold diamond solitaire ring, 3.4gm gross 75/100
86A 9ct gold ring set with a yellow stone, 6gm gross 45/60
87A 9ct gold ring set with a purple stone, 6.4gm gross 45/60
88A 9ct gold ring set with amber, 5.1gm gross 45/60
89A circular yellow metal pendant portraying Our Lady of Sorrows, 2.7gm 30/40
90A circular yellow metal pendant portraying Our Lady of Sorrows, with 9ct gold bail, 2.7gm 30/40
91A 9ct gold rope twist necklace, 12.6gm 150/250
92Two early Royal Doulton figures: "Paisley Shawl" HN 1987 and "Rose" HN 1368 15/20
93Two early Royal Doulton ladies: "Spring Morning" HN 1922 and "Autumn Breezes" HN 1911; a later example, "Top o' the Hill" from the "Pretty Ladies" series 20/40
94An early Royal Doulton figure "Easter Day" HN 2039 30/40
95An early Royal Doulton figure "Irene" 35/50
96Six coloured Hock glasses 20/40
97A marble pin dish surmounted by a cold painted cast metal model of a fox terrier 20/30
98A Smith's Sectric mantle clock, c.1940's; J A Hurley (Clitheroe artist): three signed prints depicting rural Lancashire, each having gallery blind stamp 20/30
99A cast metal model of a lion, length c.8"; a cased, plated pair of fish servers 10/20
100A plated pot-pourri box; a German embossed pewter cup; two eastern lidded canisters 15/25
101After Edward William Wyon: circular plaque depicting Oberon and Titania 10/20
102A Taiwanese brassed pot with enamelled decoration; a Chinese ginger jar 10/20
103Kevin Blackham: "Petit I", mixed media still life, signed and bearing gallery blind stamp, c.19" x 6¾" 25/40
104John Sibson: three boats moored at the water's edge, limited edition signed print no. 3/200, bears gallery blind stamp, c.13¾" x 17¾" (20¾" x 24¾" inc. frame) 10/20
105John Sibson: York street scene, limited edition signed print no. 7/200, bears gallery blind stamp, c.13¾" x 17¾" (20¾" x 24¾" inc. frame) 10/20
106John Sibson: Haworth street scene, limited edition signed print no. 28/300, bears gallery blind stamp, c.14¾" x 10¾" (21½" x 17½" inc. frame) 10/20
107Adam Barsby: "Midnight Mirage", signed limited edition print no. 49/275, bears gallery blind stamp, c.16¾" x 24¾" (27¼" x 34½"); Lyndsey Selley "Dramatic", limited edition print no. 114/395, x 10½" (16½" x 19½" 10/20
108A pre-war air rifle, length c.43"15/20 15/20
109An African matchlock rifle, length c.63" 40/60
110A barometer with thermometer and hygrometer; a gilt framed oval bevel edged mirror, height c.18" 10/15
111A beige and claret ground woollen Farhan style rug, 59½" x 39" 10/20
112An oval dining table on central column with four reeded supports, terminating in brass paw feet with brass castors, length 50" (64½" when extra leaf is added), width 35" 20/30
113Four dining chairs with carved backs and spade front feet, beige upholstered drop-in seats 10/20
114A small side table with single drawer and shelf under, on front cabriole supports, width 17", height 27" 15/20
115A nest of three tables with serpentine edges, the largest 21½" x 16½", height 21" 25/35
116A mahogany finish Regency style sofa table with two drawers, on reeded supports, width 25½" (42¾" with end leaves extended), depth 16", height 20½" 20/40
117A mahogany finish corner cabinet with serpentine front, dentil frieze, single astragal glazed door and cupboard under, on bracket supports, height 71", width 24" 20/30
118A walnut and mahogany finish side table with three drawers, on cabriole supports with club feet, length 27", depth 17¾", height 27½" 10/15
119A four drawer walnut finish chest with serpentine front, width 16", depth 14", height 24" 20/30
120A walnut finish chest of three long and two short drawers, on bracket supports, width 24", depth 14½", height 28" 20/30
121A walnut finish corner cabinet with curved front, astragal glazed door and cupboard under, height 74", width 25½" 15/25
122A pine two-door cupboard with drawer under and interior shelves, width 38½", depth 21", height 58" 20/30
123A three seater fabric sofa made by Sherborne, constructed from three interlocking sections for easy removal and carriage, length 77", together with matching armchair and footstool with storage 30/45
124Jan Fisher: a fishing boat moored on the seashore, limited edition signed print no. 152/950, bears gallery blind stamp, c.14¼" x 21" (21½" x 28½") 10/20
125John Horsewell (b.1952): a pair of limited edition signed prints of boats, each bearing the same number 25/95, 17¼" x 17" (24½" x 24") 20/30
126A pair of Losol Ware jugs decorated with posies; other china and glass 10/20
127A gilt and needlework dressing table set, together with a glass example 10/20
128"The Order of Druids" members medal, maker Ottley Birmingham, diameter 2¾" 20/30
129A white metal necklace and bracelet set with cameos and purple stones; vintage costume jewellery 25/40
130A collection of coins, mainly British, George III onwards, including some silver (c.9oz) 75/100
131Two Victorian leather covered travelling portrait frames; a Rowntree & Co. Ltd. chocolate tin commemorating the Royal visit to Bolton July 1913; a four piece cut cruet; curios and sundries 20/30
132Cased fish eaters and cased fish servers; other cased, boxed and loose cutlery 10/20
133Approximately thirty-three pieces of Portmeirion "Summer Strawberries" 70/90
134A cased pair of fish servers with hallmarked silver handles, Sheffield 1908; a cased pair of cur butter dishes with hallmarked silver servers, Sheffield 1927 15/25
135A hallmarked silver photograph frame, Birmingham 1946; a hallmarked silver money clip and two hallmarked silver trophies 25/40
136A Portmeirion Poppy clock with quartz movement 10/20
137A Wedgwood reproduction Clarice Cliff design three piece coffee set, with certificate and original box 40/60
138Six Wedgwood reproduction Clarice Cliff design coffee cans and saucers, each a different pattern, with certificates and original boxes; a further two coffee cans and saucers from the same series, both with certificates but lacking boxes 60/90
139Four Wedgwood reproduction Clarice Cliff design plates, each with certificate 40/60
140Stratton and Kigu compacts; eight ladies' watches; various pearl necklaces and a collection of brooches 20/30
141A large collection of vintage and later necklaces 10/20
142Millefiori and other glass necklaces 20/30
143Assorted brooches 10/20
144A brass trinket box, a pair of brass candlesticks, Wedgwood and other china 10/15
145An Asian Pheasants tureen on stand; a Royal Albert part tea service, Paragon tea ware and other china 10/20
146A collection of ten glass paperweights 15/25
147A Zenit-B SLR camera; a Puck box camera; a Voigtländer Vito B camera; a Photax Solar colour viewer; various camera accessories 20/30
148Several items of crystal 10/15
149"The Royal Collection": various items of commemorative china, all boxed and two with certificates 10/20
150An album of assorted postcards, including humorous and WW1; cards and photographs relating to 36786 Pte Samuel Schofield 19th Bn Cheshire Regiment 40/60
151A silver topped cut perfume bottle, Birmingham 1906, height c.6½" 30/45
152Seven hallmarked silver napkin rings and a pair of hallmarked silver sugar nips; four plated napkin rings 10/20
153A hallmarked silver sugar bowl and nips, London 1897 40/50
154An early 20thC oak stationery box 20/30
155An Edwardian inlaid mahogany kidney shaped tea tray 25/40
156A Regency style gilt framed convex mirror, diameter c.18" 15/25
157An oak Glastonbury chair 30/40
158Eight framed prints relating to various Royals 10/25
159Two photographic prints relating to cinema; one other print 10/15
160A collection of necklaces: agate, black glass, flapper length glass and others 20/40
161A box of costume jewellery including bangles, earrings, necklaces etc 20/40
162Porcelain brooches, including Royal Worcester and Aynsley; porcelain earrings 10/15
163A collection of vintage and later brooches 10/20
164Vintage and later costume jewellery 15/20
165Austrian crystal necklaces and a uranium glass necklace 10/20
166A selection of necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings, mainly Corocraft, Jewelcraft and Trifari 15/20
167Marcasite necklaces, brooches, earrings and a bracelet; a selection of matching and associated jewellery sets 10/20
168A collection of mainly named costume jewellery including Sarah Coventry, Monet, Exquisite, Hollywood etc 20/30
169Two Royal Doulton ladies: "Victoria" HN4623 and "Sarah" HN 3880 (indistinctly signed to base) 20/25
170Three Royal Doulton ladies: "Barbara" HN 3441, "Autumn Breeze" HN 4716 and "Amy" HN 4782 20/30
171Two early Royal Doulton figures: "Marie" HN 1370 and "Rose" HN 1368; a later figure "Young Melody" HN 3654 10/20
172Four Royal Doulton ladies: "Masque" HN 2554, "Coralie" HN 2307, "Première" HN 2343 and "Fragrance" HN 2334 20/40
173A Royal Doulton figure "Marjorie" HN2785; a Royal Doulton small character jug "Anne of Cleves" D 6753; a Francesca China figure "Frances" 15/25
174A Royal Doulton lady "Victoria" HN 2471 10/20
175An early Royal Doulton figure "Suzette" HN 2026 20/25
176A Beswick horse "Arab 'Xayal'" no. 1265 white gloss; a Beswick Foal no. 1813 First Version white gloss; a Beswick Pinto Pony, no. 1373 First Version, piebald gloss 20/30
177A Daum glass dish surmounted by a butterfly, signed "Daum France", length c.5" 25/40
178Two Victorian jet brooches, height c.2"; a jet necklace with 9ct gold clasp 20/40
179A cameo brooch pendant in 9ct gold setting; two other cameos; a 9ct gold ring set with a red stone and opal coloured stones 30/40
180Silver and white metal jewellery (silver weight c.2¾oz gross) 20/40
181Two amber coloured necklaces, total 109gm 40/60
182An L.S. Lowry print "Coming from the Mill", a signed photographic print of Buttermere and various other pictures; a set of vintage shop scales with weights; a "Best Bitter" door stop and sundries 10/20
183A four heights bookcase, height 61½", width 37", depth 10¾" 10/20
184An antique church pew, length 78" 20/30
185Six hallmarked silver "Kings" pattern tea spoons, Birmingham 1908 with a similar pair of sugar nips, Sheffield 1911; cased electroplated grapefruit spoon with associated nips 80/100
186A Royal Doulton "Westwood" part tea set, twenty pieces; a set of ten collector's plates "Village Life", all boxed and with certificates 10/20
187A 9ct gold ring, 2.2gm; a lady's wrist watch in 9ct gold plated case; a horn cased magnifier; costume jewellery and sundries 30/50
188Four silver medallions and three non-silver 20/30
189Two WW2 medals; RAF and other military badges and sundries 20/35
190Three Dandy comics and one Beano, all 1994; an "Improved Rock" bowls measure; a Muffin Club membership card; a cased expanding rule (advertising interest); a vintage set of four nested screwdrivers 10/20
191A collection of model vehicles, including Corgi, Matchbox and others 20/40
192Action Man figures and accessories; smaller action figures including Spiderman, Superman, Ninja Turtles etc. with accessories
193A 1940's sheepskin dog with boot button eyes, stitched nose and leather tongue 20/40
194A collection of mid 20thC and later post cards 10/15
195A box camera, field glasses and a pair of clothes brushes, all leather cased 10/20
196Edwardian part tea sets; approximately twenty-three pieces of Royal Worcester "Evesham" 10/15
197Two royal Crown Derby Imari cups and saucers and a Royal Crown Derby "Derby Posies" pot; Aynsley and Paragon floral tea ware 10/15
198A three piece electroplated tea service; a ship's decanter and other glass 10/20
199A boxed Mackintosh style hip flask; Victorian and other candlesticks; sundry metal ware 10/15
200A view of cliffs with sail boat in foreground, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed, in gilt frame, 10¾" x 14" (19" x 22½") 25/40
201A coppered plaque, diameter 28" plus one other, diameter 17"; a coppered horn 10/20
202Three pieces of Mason's blue "Mandalay"; a Wade coffee set and other china 15/20
203A vintage gentleman's Garrard Eterna 9ct gold cased manual wind wrist watch in running order, the back engraved with dedication, back of watch weighs c.6.4gm, total weight including strap c.39gm 100/150
204Two boxes containing travel and camping equipment, including a boxed Halfords vehicle battery charger, cooking ware and sundries 10/15
205A flat countertop display cabinet 15/25
206Approximately 33 stackable chairs with royal blue upholstery 30/50
207A set of six antique mahogany Georgian style dining chairs with brown upholstery 15/25
208Various items of fishing equipment, including an unhooking mat, a folding stool and a tacklebox with contents 10/20
209L.S Lowry: a framed print "A Sudden Illness"', a framed still life oil on canvas depicting flowers, a framed copper map of the British Isles by John Speed, together with other maps and prints 15/25
210Two vintage leather briefcases and a barometer 10/20
211A French 100 livre bank note, dated 29-09-1790, framed together with an English 18th Century cheque; a framed English indenture, dated 01-01-1819 20/40
212A Yashica FX-D Quartz 35mm SLR with attached 50mm lens, a Yashica 80-200mm lens and an Itorex 28mm lens; a Kodak Brownie 8mm movie camera, a Brownie junior box camera; other cameras and accessories 20/40
213An album containing Royal Mail Post & Go covers, a 2002 Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee coin, various cased and loose crowns and bank notes 20/30
214A mid 20th Century tapestry/wall hanging, 'Le Chant de La Vigne' by Marc Waymel, complete with pole and mounting brackets 20/40
215London 2012 Gold Medal Winners Stamp Collection - An album containing 29 Olympic games FDC's and 34 Paralympic games FDC's 50/75
216Three Royal Mail presentation pack albums containing approximately 150 Royal Mail Mint presentation packs 75/100
217Three albums containing a quantity of British stamps 40/60
218A hallmarked silver pocket watch, London 1885, maker James Hargreaves, Wigan, with key and case 30/45
219A gentleman's Sewills gold plated wrist watch with a crystal back, revealing the 21 jewel movement, including original case; one other gentleman's Sewills wrist watch 30/50
220A ladies Omega wristwatch in yellow metal case; a ladies Merit wristwatch 20/30
221A ladies 9ct Omega wristwatch on a 9ct gold bracelet, in original case with included documentation. 17.3g gross weight 150/200
222A British WWII police helmet; a collection of 'The Great War' magazines, parts 121-140 20/40
223A German WWII M34 square dip fire police helmet with double decals, liner and strap 80/120
224A collection of books including antiques reference books 10/20
225A quantity of Sealed Air Mail Lite (Jiffy) bags; a sealed box of 500 C5 envelopes and various office binders 10/20
226A pair of farmhouse style dining chairs 10/15
227A Clarke "Devil 3000" space heater, including hose 30/50
228An "Elite" portable gas cabinet heater, includes regulator and hose 15/20
229A modern sofa bed with brown canvas type upholstery, length 76" 10/20
230A WH Smith electric shredder and a Sigma MD2306 bank note checker 10/15